Monthly Newsletter and Editorial

Christopher Saleh

Living an Inspired Life

Do we look forward to tomorrow and dawn of a new day? Are we excited and ecstatic about what is in store for us tomorrow and what we will be doing?

I hope the answer is a resounding YES, but if it’s not, perhaps we have strayed from the path and lost sight of the most important things we have in our lives. It is never about financial gain and security, although these days, it is difficult not to think about those things. But those things are residual effects that come to us naturally, if we follow the natural path the universe has provided for us.

The key to happiness and being at peace with our lives is constant presence of inspiration, and absolute absence of fear and doubt in our hearts and minds.

Once achieved, all the other things that seemed our primary concerns, and constantly remained out of our reach fall into place. They are never to be thought of as a primary outcome we seek.

It is not magic. It’s merely adjusting our thoughts and emotions with the natural flow of life and believing in ourselves, that each one of us is fully capable of reaching everything we truly desire.

To be continued……

We will take a look at how this state of mind effect the people that work for you, or the people you work for. Inspirations in life is the ingredient that can take us from being good at what we do, to being great at what we do. It is true for each one of us, as well as for collective groups, teams, and even companies with a common goal they believe in. Several companies have already tapped into the power of inspiration, and I am sure you can guess at least one or two of those companies.

Christopher Saleh

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